Worried about voiding your warranty?

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    Worried about voiding your warranty?

    New car warranty feature

    Voiding new car warranty is a confusing topic for most, when purchasing a new vehicle the dealership would like you to think that if you take your car elsewhere that you can void your new car warranty. But is this true?

    The answer is No; you cannot void your new car warranty by taking your car to another mechanical workshop. Here at Revolution Autocare we carry out new car servicing on a day to day basis, when we carry out new car servicing we ensure that we use genuine parts and service your vehicle by the book.

    When servicing your car at Revolution Autocare you will receive a free mini detail of your car including a free wash, Vacuum and tyres blackened as a thank you for your service. We pride ourselves in customer service and will update you through the day if any added extras are required so there is no shock at bill time.

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